Wrensilva Standard One Stereo Console


For Issue 02, we flew down to Cuba to do some long-awaited exploring, gathering all of the cigars and rum the island has to offer. We then returned stateside and dug up even more. In Southern California, we visited the garage-oasis of Mercedes Motoring and obsessed over their immaculate collection of classic Benzes. We wrapped things up with edited guides full of machetes, submarines, golf equipment, sneakers, watches, and skateboards, among other gear.

  • Corkcicle introduces the Waterman series to its hydration line, which takes its already best in class triple insulated cup to another level with the addition of a super durable powder coated finish. This coolest cup ever is crafted from 2 layers of stainless steel with a vacuum seal and is the only insulated Tumbler with a proprietary third layer of insulation that further improves how long its keeps your drinks hot or cold. With easy-grip sides, a no-slip bottom, and shatterproof, drink-thru lid, the Waterman edition offers you best-in-class sipping for your wildest adventures.

    Presented by Corkcicle.

    • Sporting a simple design that pairs two cubes with a acoustically-designed aluminum baseplate, the Aerix Duet Music System provides outstanding audio in a handsome package. Thanks to 360-degree horns, a down-firing 5.25″ subwoofer, and a 200 watt amp, it gives you great sound no matter where it’s placed, and support for WiFi streaming from sources like Spotify and Pandora means you can put it anywhere you want. It also has AptX Bluetooth for playing music from your phone or tablet, and a slot-loading CD player gives you a reason to dust off you physical media collection.

    • Developed in collaboration with Harry Weisfeld, founder of high-end manufacturer VPI, the Shinola Runwell Turntable is the first in a new line of audio products from the Detroit-based brand. The platter and tonearm components are made with precision by MDI in New Jersey, while the electronic components are produced by American Board in New Jersey. The components are then placed in an oak base, and assembled in Detroit under the guidance of former Audeze CEO Alex Rosson. It’s finished with a custom leather slipmat and custom-built cartridge, resulting in a new American audio classic that will sound — and look — great for years to come.

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